THIS is why Your Wedding Video is so Valuable.

I love this business. I love what we do for people. And I love it when people email us after watching their video on an anniversary. So much can happen over the years. And we were so touched to get this simple but genuine note on Facebook yesterday from a past bride. By the way, they are pregnant now!

“Way overdue, but we have baby on the brain these days and it doesn’t make room for much else, but I wanted to let you know that upon arriving home from our anniversary trip on the 26th of April, we watched our wedding video and laughed the entire way through it!! Seeing the pics of Tiki from the slideshow brought both laughter and tears, but I am so thankful of the way you showcased that portion of the video because when her first picture showed up, we can hear the audience yelling, “Tiki”!!! I know that someday, Tiki won’t be the only one missing from our lives that were captured on the wonderful video you created for us and they will be met with the same laughter and tears, but I am forever grateful that they have been captured. Lifestage is still the only videography company that should ever be considered when thinking of documenting the precious moments in our lives! Thanks again for creating such a spectacular piece for our history collection!! Kisses and hugs to all of you!!!” – Patti

Matt a Featured Blogger on IN[FOCUS]


I am fortunate enough to know so many great wedding videographers and filmmakers in the industry. So many of my friends and colleagues have influenced me and our work here at Life Stage. I now feel humbled to be part of a great team of business owners and creative artists to make the wedding videography industry even better. Things have definitely changed from the old stereotype of what a wedding video is. IN[FOCUS] is a brand spanking new video conference for wedding videographers, as well as a HUGE online resource with videos and blog posts full of tips, techniques and advice on how to make wedding videography creative, fun, and a profitable business. IN[FOCUS] was started by 3 of the top wedding film studios in the world. Videographers, you need to make it to the inaugural event next January 2010. In the mean time, myself and 7 other studios were asked to be “expert” bloggers on some of the tips & techniques that have helped us along the way in our business. Its very humbling and exciting to be part of this group. I am eager to to share my successes (and failures) with others whether they are just starting out, or seasoned veterans. And I know I will learn a ton as well from the rest of the gang. You can check out a few of our recent video posts on the IN[FOCUS] Blog. There’s also a post that gives a little back story into how Life Stage Videography came to be. You can check it out here. I tried to add a little comic relief. Videographers, we will see you at IN[FOCUS] in January of 2010! And brides, hopefully you will choose a videographer for your wedding that invests time and energy into educating themselves to make your video better. That’s what its all about!

Getting Married? You’ll need someone to make it legal!

Wilmington Wedding Minister

Meet Dave Holt, a regular guy with a passion for marriage. He knows that marriage is more than just a wedding and focuses on the fact that you are making a commitment for life. Years, months, and weeks of preparation go into making a ceremony full of memories that will last a lifetime. But, in the craziness of planning all the wedding details, many couples neglect to prepare the most important thing for their wedding :: themselves. Here are some of the services he offers:

– Premarital Counseling
– Assistance designing a ceremony that is unique and reflects your personality
– Planning for the wedding rehearsal
– And, if requested, post-wedding consultations

Dave in Action

Dave in Action

“I don‚Äôt just perform wedding ceremonies for a job. Instead, I do it to encourage and prepare a couple for their lifelong commitment to one another.” ~ Dave

So, check out Wilmington Wedding Minister and tell them Life Stage sent ya!