Leslie & Scott – Wedding Highlights

September, 13th, 2008
Savannah, GA

Leslie & Scott’s Wedding – Savannah, GA from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

Savannah has to be one of the most cultural, elegant and stunning cities to have a wedding in. Especially in the fall, with the sun going down, right in the middle of the biggest park square in town. Leslie & Scott had the epitome of a classy, Southern wedding. The fountain, the flowers, the music and the people made it a wedding to remember. Leslie & Scott didn’t waste anytime getting to their reception party on the riverfront, and you bet Melissa and I were out dancing with camera in hand. We thought we would use their scrapbook as a centerpiece for the video because they also used it as their guest book. We felt it added character to their video. We also included a snippet of the Velveteen Rabbit! Leslie & Scott had it read during their ceremony. Very creative and touching. We had such an awesome synergy with Joel & Kasey with Olive Productions. They rocked out some incredible pictures and we hope to work with them again soon. Enjoy the video and let us, Scott & Leslie know what you think by leaving some comment love!

Music by Priscilla Ahn

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Snow at the Beach! (Starring Penelope)

Snow in Wilmington, NC is a rarity. As a beach town, everything stops. So, obviously, our productivity at work suffered today but it was worth it! After Obama’s historic inauguration speech, we scurried outside to get shots of Penelope braving the cold weather. Don’t worry, as new parents we had like…20 blankets on her. Enjoy a glimpse into our goofy lives!

Korey & Robert – Wedding Highlights

September 6th, 2008
Atlantic Beach, NC

We didn’t know what we were getting into when we arrived to film this wedding. Literally. There was a Category 2 hurricane chugging along the Atlantic just a few hours from where this wedding was and here we are outside, at Atlantic Beach! Korey handled it well, and save for a few gusts of wind, the weather was gorgeous! Korey, Robert and their families are such a blast to be around. They knew how to throw not only a crazy party, but a classy party. The RISSE band entertained guests all night and the environment on the beach at night was magical. It was a pleasure working with photog Ellen LeRoy and we hope to team up again soon! We hope this video entertains and gives you a glimpse into Korey & Robert’s action packed wedding day. They mentioned they liked the Beatles, so instead of using songs we are all familiar with, I used cover songs from some Indie artists to give character to their unique video. I love the way it turned out.
“I Will” by Jonathan Coulton & “Two of Us” by Aimee Mann & Michael Penn��