This Mom (& Bride) Get It!

We received this email from a mother of the bride in September. Not only are we humbled by her words, but we feel others could benefit from hearing how much more valuable a good video can be after the wedding. Its easy not find it important before hand with all the planning going on, but what would all that planning, the flowers, the food and the people be without a video to capture it all? Enjoy her note.

“You both do such amazing work. When Leslie was budgeting her wedding, she told me that “after all was said and done”, the video and photographs of her wedding day would be the most important thing to her so we cut back in some areas so we could spend more in others. Leslie works in marketing, so she was able to get most of her printed materials (invitations, koozies, programs, etc…) produced either free or extremely inexpensively. She made her own reception centerpieces and after finding “THE” wedding gown in a store, she went online and found the same dress “slightly used” for significantly less than we would have paid to buy it new. Did anyone know the difference? I highly doubt it. Her focus was to put our money into the video and photography, so she was pretty picky. But that’s Leslie. When it comes to creativity, she’s always been picky. (I love that child.) The fact that Life Stage was her final choice spoke volumes to me. I knew you had to be something exceptional. I, too, will be/am SO excited to relive the wedding day through your eyes.

I have to say that one of the things I found fascinating is how you two could be “everywhere” yet always so inconspicuous. How you can be so discreet when you’re trying to capture every important moment?¬† I remember watching you both in action…and then I don’t remember being aware you were even there. (Perhaps it was the wine????!)”


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