How We Party “Down South”

We did a beautiful wedding up in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago, and wanted to share just how entertaining most of our receptions are down in the “South”. These are some very musically talented GUESTS of the bride and groom, and the band decided to let them up on stage to open up the final set of the evening. They did a great rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. The bongo drummer is the brother of the groom and the best man! It was so fun to be in the middle of it all! Jewel and Matt, we hope this video excites you about your entire wedding video, we got some amazing footage of the entire night. Enjoy.

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Devil Went Down to Georgia – A Fun Wedding Improv Hoedown from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

We Have Fun at Our Job…


Honestly, when you hire us to film your wedding, we make it a priority to have fun at your party. I’m sorry, call us selfish ;). Just wanted to share with everyone this shot that I adore because it truly captures how we feel about our incredible job of documenting your most important day. This is Karen Walker’s 90 year old grandmother. Karen is one of our bride’s from September and I have never seen a more feisty and energetic 90 year old woman! I just had to dance with her! Also note her son, the Father of the Bride in the background…I gave him my camera! (Luckily brides, we have insurance…) Hope you enjoy getting to know us a little bit. We have fun at your wedding because it shines through in the quality of your video. With Lifestage, you aren’t just hiring a videographer, you’re hiring a friend.

Photo by Matt McGraw

Patrick & Stephanie – Wedding Highlights

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Patrick & Stephanie – Wedding Highlights – Boone, NC from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

July 12th, 2008
Boone, NC

We love mountain weddings! This wedding took place at Leatherwood Mountain Resort. The weather and mood of the day was just how you see it, horses grazing, cats napping, beautiful flowers, all the sweet tea you can drink, all protected by the Appalachian Mountains. But this video tops them all for a different reason. Patrick and Stephanie illustrated the most genuine wedding ceremony we had ever seen. The message was simple, but powerful, and you’ll hear alot of it in the video. Melissa and I love going to weddings because it fortifies our marriage every time we get to hear vows. But this ceremony and wedding celebration resonated with us for a long time. Jill Schwarzkopf took some amazing pictures and it was really fun and easy to work with her. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we had creating it.
Music by Dave Barnes – Buy Song Here