Preach It Sister!

 Yet another sneak peak into our new 2009 demo. Christian & Patti were one of our favorite couples because they cared about their wedding video just as much as we did. Patti has some valuable insight for brides out there exploring why videography is so important and why not all videography is the same.

[flv: 768 432]

They Think We Are Cool!

 This is another sneak peak at some of the 2009 demo we are editing right now. I think this is one of the best complements we have ever received from a past bride and groom. No matter what package you get, or who films your wedding at Life Stage Videography, we all strive to become friends with our clients because it makes our jobs more fun, and your video better!

[flv: 768 432]

It Has Begun…

I am smitten. How can I not fall in love with this face everytime I see her looking at me?! Photo by Kevin Millard, KMI Foto